On the Mind and Panpsychism with Philip Goff


This we talk about all things mind. Philip Goff is a philosopher and consciousness researcher at Durham University. He works mainly on the problem of how to integrate consciousness into our scientific worldview. Goff’s 2017 book Consciousness and Fundamental Reality (Oxford University Press) argues against materialist accounts of consciousness and defends panpsychism as the best account of the place of consciousness in nature. Panpsychism is the view that consciousness is a fundamental and ubiquitous feature of the natural world. As well as publishing over 40 academic articles, Goff has written for the Guardian, Aeon and Philosophy Now. He is currently working on a book on consciousness and panpsychism aimed at a general audience, Galileo’s Error: A Manifesto for a New Science of Consciousness, which will be published in August 2019 (Pantheon in US, Rider in UK). 

You cand more info about Phillip here: 

 Twitter: @philip_goff

Website: www.philipgoffphilosophy.com

Blog: www.conscienceandconsciousness.com


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